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You might have been wondering, what are some of the risks that people are addressing?

So I decided to keep a Top Risk List here for your reference, where I can share the major causes of the top risks identified in my most recent risk assessments on business, marriage, and career goals respectively.

To make this knowledge more meaningful to you, I have also developed resources to help you take your first step in addressing these risks.


Feel free to explore any which that is relevant to you and your current goal.

Not prepared for obstacles


Your business recently got badly affected by a sudden incident. Your business isn't performing as well as before.


Husband not leading enough


Your wife always gets upset at you and you don't know why. You feel inferior to your wife so she decides on most things.


Not driving self development


You have missed several job deadlines. You haven't been promoted in 2 years. You think your boss doesn't like you.


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Are you making these Career Killer Mistakes?

Are you making these Career Killer Mistakes?

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