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Your Personal Data Are Safe With Me

I collect information you provide directly to me. For example, I collect information when you create an account, participate in any interactive features of the services, subscribe to my email list, participate in an event, survey, contest or promotion, make a purchase, communicate with me via third-party social media sites, request customer support or otherwise communicate with me. This is so that I can understand you better to create and share more relevant contents which I believe will be helpful to you. The types of information I may collect include your name, email address, password, delivery address, phone number, gender, date of birth, occupation, employer information, photo, payment information (such as your credit or debit card and billing address), preference or interest data, and any other information you choose to provide. Here's the most important point: I respect the privacy of your personal data, and I do all I can to protect any of your data that I collect. Because I truly believe that you will also respect all my contents and intellectual property while you benefit from my insights, resources, and materials. When you invest in any program on my website, all credit card and payment information are directly handled by secure third-party payment gateway. I strengthened that security by activating secure connection https on my website. So don't worry, your personal data are safe with me. Thank you for keeping my contents and intellectual property safe with you, too.

You Have Full Control Over Your Right

As you willingly provide me your email address and name when you interact with this website, its services, and resources, I also willingly let you go and remove your record when you decide to leave or unsubscribe from my email list, services and programs. To leave or unsubscribe from my email list, just send me this email. I will be sad to see you go but I respect your choice, and I will be here whenever you are ready to get back into my circle again.

You Promise to Respect Our Contents & Community

As you use this website and contents for your business and your life goals, you are promising me to respect my resources by not plagiarising or reselling my contents, and to respect our community by not putting anyone down in the comment but being a channel of encouraging words and constructive feedback where appropriate.

You Acknowledge You Are An Adult

This website is built for adults of at least 18 years old, as we explore conversations and insights about business, relationship, career, and more. If your underage child is using this website and contents, please contact me to remove the information provided by your child.

Your Investment Comes With A Value Guarantee

I love sharing knowledge and experience to transform businesses and lives. And for contents or services that I put a price on, it means I have tested and refined them, and I am confident that they will bring you real results as promised if you also do your best part to digest and apply the materials. At the same time, I also acknowledge that God created everyone uniquely. Thus, every person may have our own unique journey that requires thoughtful tweak to certain contents in the online programs you invest in, so that the contents complement your transformation journey as faithful salt. If you don't find your investment to be valuable in your transformation journey, let me know and I will schedule a personal coaching call to tailor the contents to your need. I will not want to take your money if what I offer you brings you no value.

Last Updated on 23 January 2020

I used to skip reading Terms and Conditions pages because they are always so long and boring with all the legal terms, so I promised myself to write one from my own heart that people can actually understand. I hope you have read all that I have written above. If I update any of the terms and policy, I will include the Last Updated date here accordingly. If you have any question about any part of these terms of use and privacy policy, please do not hesitate to ask me. I prefer you to enjoy my contents with a clear mind without doubt or fear. Be blessed, Stephanie.

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