I know the PAIN & SHAME to be

scolded by your boss again

in front of your team like you don't know how to do your job


Get my Stretch-2 Checklist that reveals what your boss really wants from your assignment every time - no more struggling to connect the story after this.

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Download this Stretch-2 Checklist in minutes, and I’ll also send you 3 emails with my best tips on how to implement this checklist (takes 30min in total) that will:

  • Tell you where to find the marking scheme of your assignment - how your boss actually evaluates your work.

  • Guide you with step-by-step questions that connect the whole story to help you plan out what you need to do for the job.

  • Forever remove the stress of guessing what your boss wants so you can meet and exceed those expectations every time.

  • Help you to progress faster in doing your assignment than the total 30 minutes you use to master this Stretch-2 Checklist over the next 3 days. 

Watch as your boss suddenly starts asking for your opinion, bringing you to key meetings, and delegating more important jobs to you. The top management will soon notice you and your capability - and who knows? You might even get promoted faster!

I first encountered Stephanie as a scribe in our board meeting. When she started probing insightful discussions from the management team, I started calling her into more meetings as a strategic thinker. In my years of working with her, Stephanie grasps the overview of things and can connect the dots to form the big-picture story. She articulates these stories well to people, and is also able to convert thoughts into actionable tasks and plan effectively. You can learn a lot from her experience and her ways of excelling in her corporate work performance.

~ Ir. Pau KH, Director, Engineering & Construction Services of Dialog Asia,

former CEO of PETRONAS LNG Complex.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Cristal

I specialize in bringing out your best work performance as a Christian young executive - even if you’ve been struggling at work. 

For years, I have helped multi-billion-dollar companies to strategize plans and exceed their business targets, been in countless executive leadership meetings with the VPs & CEOs, and been called into special taskforces to contribute my opinions.


I am here to share my years of corporate lessons learned that got me invited into more and more strategic initiatives beyond my job scope, so I can help you to shine among your colleagues faster, confidently share your opinions at key meetings, rise to be the preferred candidate for career opportunities, and many more great working experiences which God has empowered you to enjoy.


If you need immediate help to know what your boss really wants from your assignment so you can quickly plan out what you need to do today:

Get this 1-page Stretch-2 Checklist instantly plus 3 emails with my best tips on how to implement this checklist

100% Privacy. We'll keep in touch via email.

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