This commonly happens during your year-end performance appraisal when your boss comments that you have not done good enough on certain KPI or business targets, or during your competency assessment when your assessor attempts to rate you lower than your self assessment on a specific functional skill.

One very effective way to handle such negative feedback from people on your work would be to ask them how you can improve instead.

Just remember to manage your emotion well at that moment, be humble and receptive to the comment given, but respectfully ask for guidance on how you can close that gap, in terms of practical way-forward actions.

Your 2 possible outcomes

When you do this, you will get one of these 2 possible outcomes:

  • If indeed your boss and assessor have the rational basis for their feedback, you gain extra practical advice and insight on your personal development plan.

  • Or if they are actually not sure about how else you can improve, your humble question may give them a chance to reconsider if indeed you have done quite a good job to deserve a better performance rating.

Sometimes, you may have achieved the qualitative, quantitative and timeliness targets, but not the emotional goal.

If you want to learn more about these different aspects in your boss' evaluation on your completed assignment, I explained them in detail in my Stretch-2 Checklist mini email course - and it's FREE for my readers so go sign-up.

Your turn to contribute

Do you have other good and uncommon advice on handling negative feedback too? Come share with us in the comment below. I read and appreciate every comment.


Q: What to do when my boss attempted to rate my performance below my expectations?

By Stephanie Cristal

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Rickhazzle D

To add, good employers need to learn to see the bigger picture too. In most cases, work is overloaded, so need to focus on identifying which task is of the utmost priority.

Part of new goal setting for a new year is to discuss on the desired end result, so that the works throughout the year are to achieve that desired goals. In some cases, we are too occupied with useless works which do not contribute to the desired end result. Need to change this

Stephanie Cristal

That's a very sharp observation of an undesirable work pattern that young executives can learn to 'catch' and address at the very beginning of executing any given task - understanding why we need to do this task. Indeed, this is so crucial that I went in-depth with examples on this in Step 3 of my Stretch-2 Checklist mini email course. Good job for highlighting this, Rick.

Simon Emang

Stephanie, it's awesome. It's only God and your love for Him would enable you to be so generous in you time in helping others; brothers & sisters in the market place. In fact every soul on earth needs what is good. In moving forward, it may be good to have a group of like minded people including expertise in specific areas as life issues are not limited to doing a good job or career. Great start. May the Lord bless you & family as you bless & refresh others.

Stephanie Cristal

Amen, thank you so much Mr Simon for your truly assuring encouragement and reminder to fix my eyes on Christ as I pursue this ministry. God blesses you and your ministry too.

Amelia Cristal

"Produce fruit in keeping with your repentance." — Luke 3:8

Stephanie Cristal

Amen! Yes, let's deny ourselves and carry our cross one day at a time.

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