Have you searched for flights for hours during the travel promotion season, and then ended up not buying any flight ticket to anywhere because you did not plan ahead to take your leave or you had no idea where to go?

How many times have we considered about something so long that we gave up on pursuing it before we even tried? The only way to find out if a plan works is to test it.

I realized that most of the time when I hesitated to take an action, it was because I feared any undesired outcome.

What if I accepted the task and could not deliver it as promised?

What if I talked about that matter and my boss got angry?

What if my boss did not like my proposal of doing things differently?

What if I applied for a vacation leave and my boss said no?

Well, so what if it’s not as per our expectation? At least we get to find out about its possibility by actually trying a few steps.

What I learned from my administrative lady

Just a few months of working with a new administrative lady who once served my office, I noticed that she always won different prizes from our company events, knowledge-sharing awareness campaigns, cross-departmental quizzes, etc.

Later when I was hand-making personalized booklets as early Christmas gifts for my website community upon request, I was surprised that even though many of them told me face-to-face that they liked the personalized booklets, only 2 people actually took the one-click action to request for their gift booklets.

Guess who was one of the two? My administrative lady.

That day I learned something very important from her: She always takes action, and that never disappoints her - she has won fitness watch from our Health & Safety Department, received Tupperware containers from another quiz participation, got my handmade and personalized booklet, and many more gains that I could not keep track of - while many of us wished that we had what she has but continued taking no action when our opportunities came.

How would your life be different if you had done what you wanted to do?

How would your life be different if you had done what you wanted to do?

What is something in your life or your career that you knew needs to change, but you have not done much about it in the last 3 months or longer?

Is it to prioritize spending more time with your loved ones instead of working over long hours?

Is it to start exercising to get fit and healthy?

Is it to make peace and finally be okay with your boss since that last unhappy incident?

Is it to start spending quiet time with God again?

Is it to completely stop doing some habit that you knew has not pleased God?

If you are still thinking about doing something but have not made up your mind to do it, take a moment to imagine how would your life be different 6 months down the road, if you would start putting your plan into action from now on?

I am all for supporting you to take actions and not delay.

Take action today

You can get started today with my Stretch-2 Checklist mini email course which is complimentary for my readers, so go get it and I will guide you step-by-step to know exactly what your boss wants from your assignment every time, so that you can always meet and even exceed her expectations - no more struggling to meet your boss' expectations after this.

In the comment below, share with me one action you will take this week to start making a difference in your life.


Still thinking about some plan? See your cost of not taking action

By Stephanie Cristal