What's the greatest privilege husband and wife can have?

I used to think it was something else when I was younger, until I got married that I realized, the greatest privilege I can have with my husband is to be able to spend quality time in the presence of the LORD together, whether it's to pray for each other, to study the Word together, to serve or to worship together.

If you catch yourself having a hint of desire to worship with your spouse, grab it, catch it. Don't let that desire be discouraged by the thought and fear of commitment that you wouldn't be able to sustain it every night, every week, every month, etc.

All you need is enough heart to worship together for today for right now - even if it's just for a minute, even if it's just praying the LORD's prayer together.

One day at a time, while you get to. Let's.


The greatest privilege husband and wife can have

By Stephanie Cristal