Think about next Monday morning.

You have done a lot of progress over the weekend.

You say, "This will be a good week. I'm going to finish the pack early for her review. I'll be at least 3 days ahead of the reporting due date this time." You grin..

You get to your cubicle and turn on your laptop. You see your boss coming in, and you are ready to greet her with a big smile. She's going to be pleased when you show her your presentation pack tomorrow.

"Hey, morni.."

"Big boss just called. He wants to see the pack at 2pm today. Can you get Finance? We need to include the 5-year cost trending analysis. Send me the pack by 1.30pm, I'll take a look on my way there after picking up my son." Then she walks past you into her room.

Seriously, again? It was supposed to be reviewed on Friday!

Now, compare that with this you.

Next Monday, you reach your cubicle, fresh and well rested over the relaxing weekend.

Your pack is ready since last week, maybe another review today before sharing it with your boss.

Then your boss walks by and drops you the ad-hoc job request bomb. Nothing new, you are ready for any unplanned job request. You respond to her calmly.

You know exactly what to say and within half an hour, you are in her office, working on getting the new data and analysis for the pack together.

When you go and see the big boss at 2pm, she defends what you both put into the presentation pack together.

Now, compound that synergy 5 times every week, over the next 6 months.

How many more KPIs and performance targets can you achieve this year, and even exceeding your boss' expectation?

How much does 1-level up in your year-end performance appraisal rating value to you?

You do the math.

This, is what having your Godporate Roadmap can do for you.

Think about when you are driving on the road. You have set where you want to go on your GPS, and you know the journey will take you, say, 10 minutes.

But your journey has been delayed because you keep hitting into potholes and unexpected roadblocks along the way.

How much faster can you complete your job and deliver your project with quality if you have known the big pothole & major roadblock that could really delay you in delivering your job?

We don't have time to tackle every single pothole that could delay you because there can be countless of them along your way.

The key is for you to know which of them requires your immediate and top prioritization to tackle, so that you get to reach your destination on time and with quality - without damage to your vehicle.

That is the secret sauce in my Intensive Godporate Roadmap Profiling which has helped Christian young executives to double their work performance and accelerate their career growth, the same system I have used to help the multi-billion-dollar companies to meet and exceed their business targets.

Let's try that this week.

Before your Mondays go crazier, think about your upcoming job delivery or project deadline. Brainstorm at least 2 key possible obstacles - the 'potholes and roadblocks' - that could stop you from delivering your job timely and with quality.

In the comment below, share with me what's your plan to tackle these 2 obstacles this week.

Also I am curious, what did your craziest working Monday look like? Share with me in the comment below too!

Dragging your feet to work? Try this today

By Stephanie Cristal

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