We went on many road trips recently, to visit families, have weekend escapes from the town we live in, and attend a wedding.

There was this stretch of 216-kilometer road that had a lot of detouring and potholes.

So, we got ourselves ready with a navigation app that came with a function to alert us about all the reported road hazards including potholes.

Well, I guess there were just too many potholes along the road that the app users even got tired of reporting each one.

After running over several potholes that the navigation app wasn't alerting us about, we started going slower to look out for and avoid as many potholes as we could.

Needless to say, our journey took longer than it should.

What if we knew exactly where all the big potholes are?

Then it would be a way smoother ride!

Now, consider the same for your business. How much faster can you complete your job and launch your project with quality had you known the big pothole & major roadblock that could really delay you in reaching your target?

Oh, and you don't have time to tackle every single pothole that could delay you because there could be countless of them along your way.

The key is for you to know which of them requires your immediate and top prioritization to tackle, so that you get to reach your destination on time and with quality - without damaging your vehicle.

This is what the big organizations called, Enterprise Risk Management - the same system I have used to help the multi-billion-dollar companies to meet and exceed their business targets over the past 6 years.

At Faithful Salt Solutions, I specialize in re-designing that into an easier-to-follow risk management process tailored to help people like you and me to achieve our goals in life, in our business, in our relationship, in our career.

Take your first step in managing your risk

I have done the hard work studying the major causes of the top risks identified in my most recent risk assessments on business, marriage, and career goals respectively.

You can start with the free resources I have developed to help you take your first step in addressing these top risks, any which that is relevant to you and your current goal.

Have more questions? Share your thought in the comment below, or book a complimentary Discovery Call to speak with me.



Taking a road that you knew where all the big potholes are

By Stephanie Cristal

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