I couldn't find the page you were looking for, but how about I let you in on my most demanded mini email course:

Scolded by your boss again

in front of your team because the work you’ve done is not what she wanted?

I have a Checklist that reveals what your boss really wants from your assignment every time - no more struggling to connect the story after this.

I first encountered Stephanie as a scribe in our board meeting. When she started probing insightful discussions from the management team, I started calling her into more meetings as a strategic thinker. In my years of working with her, Stephanie grasps the overview of things and can connect the dots to form the big-picture story. She articulates these stories well to people, and is also able to convert thoughts into actionable tasks and plan effectively. You can learn a lot from her experience and her ways of excelling in her corporate work performance.

~ Ir. Pau KH, Director, Engineering & Construction Services of Dialog Asia,

former CEO of PETRONAS LNG Complex.

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