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Have you been feeding on

rotten apples?

Get your Encouragers today: Have you been feeding on rotten apples?

Why would anyone eat rotten apples at all, right?

Yet that's what we do to our heart.


Like feeding on rotten apples, we allow ourselves to worry about things in life every day.


That's missing out to live in joy for 365 days in a year.

Living in joy is not about having no problems in life at all; it's about being able to have the peace and joy from within even when the people and situation around us seem to be coming against us.


How would you live your life if you didn't have to be worried or sad about anything?


Finally joining your friends out for dinner and no more hiding? Waking up feeling excited to go to work? Having the courage to go back home and finally have a peaceful chat with your parents with no fear of quarreling?


If you can surround yourself with encouraging thought just once a week, that's already like gathering 52 shields of encouragement in a year to cover you from being crushed by any worrying or sad thought that comes to you in life.

The best way is to have a best friend who can be with us all the time, to encourage us and to give us strength whenever we feel down.

We're not talking about gossip friends who always add oil to the fire, leaving us feeling angrier and more disappointed than we already are.

Yes, for most of us, we have some good friends.

But in reality, everyone is busy with their own life, fighting their own problems.


No one can be there for us all the time.

That's why I made the second best way for you - a whole-year supply of encouraging short articles and quotes.


Darkness doesn't exist; it's simply the absence of light.


So we can't get out of darkness, but we can bring light in to break that darkness.


Today, if you feel troubled, disappointed, lonely, or hurt, I invite you to bring encouragement into your life to clean those rotten apples from your heart.


How much does your joy value to you?


If today you can bring joy back into your life and shape you into an encourager to the people around you, what is stopping you?


Stop feeding your heart with rotten apples.

Get your 52 Weeks of Encouragers and Quotes with instant access from only AU$7.

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Encouragers of the week

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Encourager of the Week

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  • What is the one thing that upsets you the most recently?

  • How would you embrace it differently through a photographer’s lens?

Enjoy this Encourager?

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52 Weeks of

Encouragers and Quotes

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Get your Encouragers lite at only AU$7

  • Encouragers printable eBook (PDF)

  • Encouragers eCards (JPEG)

  • BONUS Encouragers Reflection Workbook (PDF)


Get your Encouragers X at only AU$37

  • Encouragers full audio recordings (MP3)

  • Customizable Encouragers printable eBook (PDF)

  • Customizable Encouragers eCards (JPEG)

  • 5-minute mini Overnight dessertS with Stephanie

  • BONUS Encouragers Reflection Workbook (PDF)


People are loving the Encouragers!


No idea how many times you recorded the audio, but it seriously sounds like a DJ who works at night, giving encouragement to people after a hectic day, and it really feels soothing listening to it.

~ ST Ong

What is Encouragers?

What are these Encouragers?

Encouragers are the short encouragement articles and quotes which I have been writing since 2011.

As I also love making meaningful gifts, I started printing these short articles as little cards to give away to friends, random people celebrating birthday at McDonald's, or leave some cards on the empty seats in the commute that I took to work.


In 2017, my husband accepted an overseas project assignment and I went with him.


Before we departed, I wanted to leave behind something that could remind our families of our presence while we were away.


So I put together my top 52 best Encouragers and printed them out into the "52 Weeks of Encouragers" cards and booklet as gifts for my loved ones. To my surprise, people started ordering the Encouragers cards and booklets! I have been truly humbled and encouraged in the process.


Today, these customized cards and booklets have reached Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Canada, the Philippines, and Europe through friends of friends. This year, I have made the Encouragers available in digital formats, with the full Audio collection as well as the accompanying Reflection Workbook.


You can get Encouragers instantly today from only AU$7, or if you prefer listening over reading and would love to have a real person to speak with you and guide you on a boiling situation right now, the Encouragers X would be your best pick, which you can tune in to your audio Encouragers instantly and book your 5-minute mini Overnight dessertS call with me today at only AU$37.

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