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Dancing Queens - 1Take!

#bodyconfidence #exercise #videoshooting

Early Bird Bonus
Register 4 weeks ahead and get to keep your dance costume & video as your souvenir!
Group Special
Register in a group of 6 or more to enjoy 15% off the entire fee!
Birthday Treat
Register for any session scheduled in your birthday month to enjoy 45% off your fee!

So, are we seriously going to dance?

Yes! So, come with your whole self and an open mind.

The theme of this Self Love Experience is all about building your body confidence, and dancing is one of the most creative forms of hitting the sweet spot of exercising and building inner confidence.


The dance steps are designed to be suitable for beginners as well as interesting enough for the frequent dancers. So don't worry about whether the dance would be too difficult or boring to learn, but allow yourself to immerse in your full being, giving yourself back your lost me-time moments as you dance away confidently with other women.

To stretch the confidence-building for you in these three hours, we are going to stage our final dance in a glass-paneled function room on a beautiful rooftop in Brisbane City, with a drone going around shooting our dance as a group. How does that sound?

What to bring?

Come with a black top of any style and a pair of sneakers.


What will be prepared?


I have a range of common-sized pairs of themed pants as the unifying costume for everyone in this session, available for you to borrow when you register for this Self Love Experience with your size, on a first-come-first-served basis.


For the Early Birds who have registered 4 weeks prior to the scheduled session, you will each get a pair of new themed pants in your size for you to bring home as a souvenir along with a copy of the dance highlight video as your memory keepsake. This video will be sent to you digitally within two weeks after the session ends.


What we will do

Morning Beauty Routine
Enjoy the complimentary treat of a premium collagen bird's nest peptides sachet worth AU$10 to start our morning together before we do a little neck-sliming exercise to warm up.
09.00am - 09.05am (5m)
Staging & Shooting!
Be in the moment, unleash your full confidence and dance away as our Salt Studio drone goes around recording your moment of confidence.
10.40am - 11.20am (40m)
Heart & Mind Briefing
Connect with the activities today with your heart and mind, understand the meaning behind what we will be doing together and commit to be in the moment.
09.05am - 09.20am (15m)
Cheer Letters
Cherish this experience with the other amazing women by writing them a Cheer Letter each. Write them something kind and encouraging and bring home your Cheer Letters from others.
11.20am - 11.35am (15m)
Dancing Class
Learn all the moves from the basic steps, movement of different body parts integrating as one, body confidence, teamwork, stagemanship, and many more.
09.20am - 10.40am (1h 20m)
Roundtable Reflection
Take a moment to replay what has just happened today in your mind. What did you feel at the beginning and what has changed now that we have completed this experience together?
11.35am - 12.00pm (25m)

What people are saying

Testimonial for Stephanie Cristal of "I first encountered Stephanie as a scribe in our board meeting. When she started probing insightful discussions from the management team, I started calling her into more meetings as a strategic thinker. In my years of working with her, Stephanie grasps the overview of things and can connect the dots to form the big-picture story. She articulates these stories well to people, and is also able to convert thoughts into actionable tasks and plan effectively. You can learn a lot from her experience and her ways of excelling in her corporate work performance." - Ir. Pau KH, Director, Engineering & Construction Services of Dialog Asia, former CEO of PETRONAS LNG Complex.

Amazing woman with creative, inspiring and motivational thoughts. Great to know her.


~ Katherina L., Malaysia.


Blessed birthday to our

January babies

Jenna Loh. ST Ong. Syaiffira Nadya. Stroyan Diog. Cassandra Fong. Suemeetha Michelynn. Jonathan Emmanuel Edmund. Margaret Kunchit. Eula Bisconde. Rafaella Siang. Stephanie Cristal D. (Founder)

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