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Natural Ways to Connect with God

In this guide, I will walk you through 20 natural ways to connect with God from the start to the end of your busy day. Try and see what work well for you and swap them up for variation each day.

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6.00 - 8.00 AM

Right after you swipe off your alarm

That 3 seconds when you snuggle back into your blanket for a while right after swiping off your alarm - that’s the time we’re talking about here.

Greet God “Good Morning”

You get to wake up to a new day! Take a breath or maybe stretch a little under your blanket, and say, “Morning, LORD. Thank You for another new day.”

Thank God for a Job

Yea, whether it is your dream job or not, God is worthy of our praise: “Thank you LORD for giving me wisdom to excel and bear fruits in all the work of my hands.”


6.00 - 8.00 AM

During your shower

What’s a better time to sing like no one is watching?

Sing Praises unto God

Whether you like the upbeat, soothing or sentimental praise and worship songs, you’ll have a great time remembering God’s faithfulness in your life from a shower.

Declare and claim God’s Promise

As you shower, ask God to pour down His spring of living water (the Holy Spirit), anointing and favor unto you at work today.


6.00 - 8.00 AM

As you dress up

While you blow-dry your hair, put on your skincare products and dress up, you have another set of spiritual attire to wear.

Put on Your Full Armor of God

Stick the scriptures from Ephesians 6:11-17 onto your dressing mirror and wardrobe, so you can read them out as you internalize the powerful spiritual armor you’re putting on before stepping out of your room to start the day.

Remember Your True Beauty

For a variation of scriptures to stick onto your dressing mirror, some days you can read out how precious God made you to be and remember your true beauty.

Don't have time to go through the whole list right now?

No worries, I can send you a PDF copy to read whenever it's convenient for you.


8.00 - 10.00 AM

On your way to work

While you commute to work, whether you drive, ride, or walk, thinking or listening to something is hand-free. So take advantage of your journey to work to connect with God through His Word, or prayer.

Share a Plan with God

Talk to God about anything like He's your best friend who knows everything about you, so there's nothing to hide. Like asking Him about something you're deciding on, as casual as “Father, what do You think about the Austria condo?”

Listen to God’s Word

I especially love the NIV Dramatized audio Bible version on Biblegateway. Whenever you feel you didn’t get the gist of the scriptures you were listening to, just replay the same book or chapter on your way back.

Commit Your Day to God

You can say the LORD's prayer and mean every line with all your heart and your mind. You can also surrender all your worries and challenges to God, and ask Him for strength and wisdom to overcome them at work today.

Praise God with Songs

If you drive, by all means, sing your heart out to God in joy! If you’re shy to do that on a train or bus, you can sing to God in your heart. Songs are good ways to connect to God when you don’t know what to pray.


Throughout the day

When you wait in line

Whether it's queuing up to buy your lunch at the cafe, waiting for the train or lift, those few minutes can be of great use to stay in touch with God instead of your worries. Like how we constantly think hard about a problem even when we are waiting for the lift or food, etc.

Pray for Someone You See

Maybe it’s that colleague or cleaner whom you regularly meet at the lift or train station, or a friend who frequent the same cafe. Pick one person a day and pray for God to touch their life in whatever situations they are going through.


11.00 AM - 1.00 PM

At the pantry

When you take a break at the pantry or during lunch time, take the chance to love God by loving people.

Thank God for Your Food and Drink

Genuinely thanking God for your food can keep you from getting food poisoning. You don’t have to say your prayer out loud, just take a moment of thanksgiving in your heart.

Refrain Yourself from Joining in the Gossip

Gossips betray a confidence and separate close friends. It’s true that someone who gossips about others to you will also someday gossip about you to others. Remember that God wants you to love people and not to destroy them. Excuse yourself from the pantry if needed.

Don't have time to go through the whole list right now?

No worries, I can send you a PDF copy to read whenever it's convenient for you.


Throughout the day

During your toilet break

Instead of scrolling down Instagram or Facebook this time, why not salvage that few minutes for a moment with God?

Do a Mini Devotional

Put on your earphones and tune in to the latest 7-minute mini devotional on audio and worship with me. From the time you leave your workstation to get to the toilet till you return to your workstation from your toilet break, you have more than enough time to listen to the Scripture with me, reflect about how you can apply the Scripture into your life as I guide you, pray along with me and sing a song together to worship God. All that in less than 7 minutes!

Re-commit New Concerns to God

As you go through your day at work, there will be new problems arising. This is a great time to share your concerns about anything with God like He is your best friend, and seek His comfort and wisdom to deal with the concerns.

Encourage Yourself with God’s Word

What’s bothering you before you took the toilet break? Google-search for relevant scriptures like “angry scripture”, “stress with work bible”, “disappointed verse”, etc. Read the scriptures from the top search results and let God encourage you with His Word.


6.00 - 8.00 PM

When you are having dinner alone

Whether you have dinner in a coffee shop or at home, if you are eating alone, it’s a great time to also refuel your spiritual strength after a long day at work.

Watch a Short Sermon

You can be encouraged even with just a 5-minute sermon, choose a sermon to watch based on how long you usually take to finish your dinner.

Learn More about the Bible

With just The Bible Project channel alone, you will have enough resources to help you learn deeper about the Bible in interesting, creative ways throughout the whole year.


9.00 - 11.00 PM

On your bed before sleeping

After turning on the flight mode on your phone before sleeping (you should try this if you haven’t), it’s the best time to spend a moment with God before you call it a day.

Thank God for the Day

Recall what happened today, and give thanks to God through good or bad time. Also remember your loved ones, even your church and your government. Think about health, joy, blessings, strength, opportunities, achievement, staying alive, etc.

Come before God Humbly

If you have done something that doesn’t glorify God today, bringing it before God humbly is the best way to make things right with God and with yourself so you go to bed with great peace.

Let's recap.

I have personally tried all these ways to connect with God regularly over the years. I believe you can find a handful of natural ways that suit you.

Try and see what work well for you and swap them up for variation each day.


You may find your own preference evolves through time, like how I started with reading the Bible, to listening to the audio Bible (when I started driving to work), and then to journaling down my prayers (when I no longer worked until late evening and had more free time at night).


I always love to hear testimonies about what God has been doing in people’s life, so write to me!


Or just share with me what you are going through so I can pray for you.


If you are looking for more resources to do your quiet time, you can find my monthly articles of 5 themed Scriptures each with mini devotional under my blog.


I understand your schedule may change from day to day, so I even put a line to tell you where to stop if all you have is 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes or 12 minutes.

P.S. If you think your sister, your bestfriend, or your colleague would benefit from resources like this, tell them about Faithful Salt and Godporate and encourage them to get started in building their strong foundation – by bringing God back into their working lives.

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