Hi, I'm Stephanie Cristal


Conducted over 500 hours of risk profiling sessions.

Spoke at conferences and trained up to C-Suite Executives in Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, and Oman.

Certified Enterprise Risk Advisor®, Qualified Risk Auditor®

If you are here to find out what this website is about, it’s about helping you to achieve your long-due goals - through risk management.

Not interested?
Think about the ONE thing that you have wanted to change since 3 months ago.

What has been stopping you to do something about it?
When do you think this change will happen?
When do you want to have this change happen for real?

​Here at Faithful Salt Solutions, I help you make it happen - together with you.

Let me answer some questions you may have around “risk”.

#1:  Is this about insurance?

Fortunately, no. The risk we are dealing with here is about anything that can stop you from achieving your goal - the thing that you have wanted to change, the dream target you have wanted to hit, the unknown opportunity you have wanted to try, etc.

#2: Is this what they called Enterprise Risk Management? Is it really relevant to my personal life - to my relationship, business, or career?

That’s what I specialize in - extracting the most powerful parts of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) used by the multi-billion-dollar companies and re-designing them into an easy-to-follow approach to help people like you and me to achieve our life goals faster.

#3: My friends never learned risk management, and they have been achieving their goals just fine. Why do I need to have this skill?

Firstly, every one of us does some kind of risk consideration when we deal with things that happen in our life whether we realize or not. And your friends sound like they have other good factors that make them a goal-getter. That could be their unshakable commitment, or their respectable self-discipline. But I’m confident that had your friends picked up the systematic risk management skill, they could have achieved more.

Secondly, the risk management skill that you will be learning through the programs offered at Faithful Salt Solutions is going to be a skill for a lifetime that you will get to harvest its fruit again and again, in many important areas of your life.



#4: I see. I will think about it, and come back to your website when I’m ready to pick up this risk thing.

Sure, we all absorb knowledge best when we ourselves want to, so take your time.


Just remember that:

  • Next time = the 8th day of the week.

  • Wait till the other day = the 32nd of the month.

  • Someday = the 13th month of the year.

  • When I have time =  the 25th hour of the day.


Don’t get too used to delaying things for Tomorrow, else you will have nothing much to cheer for at the end of Today.




#5: Okay.. So where should I start? I am quite busy actually..

I know right, we all are busy. That’s why I made this fun infographic to help you get started, let’s go!

Blackboard Transparent

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.