A majority of young professionals are struggling to figure things out on their own at work and in life.

If you have your direct superior leading you in doing your job well and supporting your career growth, and you have your pastor and young adult leader encouraging and teaching you to grow and live according to the Word of God, you are blessed to be among the very tiny few percentage.

The truth about being a Christian is that, the same victorious power of Christ flows within you, so you just cannot not be excellent at work.


But in reality, you are always pressured and stressful by your work, chasing after deadlines, having a hard time working with your boss.


You work so hard but don't see much growth in your career and personal development.


I know these struggles at work are real.


It's not like you always skip church, you even join the Bible study meetings.


But when you get to the office, it's a different atmosphere altogether.


Even those who say 'amen' with you at church sometimes behave like a totally different person during the board meeting.


Even you find yourself raising your voice or getting annoyed super easily at work than when you are at church.

It's because we often keep God in the church

We subconsciously regard our spiritual life as only one part of our life, and feel that a bigger part of our real life happens outside the church.


Actually, God is more involved in your career than you think, for He is the One who gives you the ability to earn (Deuteronomy 8:17-18).


He is not just a God on Sundays or during Christmas. God wants to stay in touch with you every day, especially in your job where you spend most of your waking hours at.


Every time we talk about being a Christian at work, many young adults tell me that they want to be Christlike examples at work, sharing gospel with their non-Christian colleagues. They want to be a blessing to the people around them.

You know what?

The first sign of your testimony is really to simply do well in your job while showing Christ's love to others, especially the terrible people you are dealing with at work.


Doing poorly in your work performance or having grudge against the people you work with certainly does not make a great testimony.


If you are willing, I want to help you to shine among your colleagues, where you can confidently share your opinions at key meetings, your boss appreciates your contribution to the team, the top management think about you first when they are considering a candidate for a special opportunity.


I don’t want you to wake up to another quarter of struggling to do your job with your boss, missing another project deadlines, worrying about losing your job, and all the unpleasant working experience which is far from what God has empowered you to enjoy.


For too long, I have seen too many Christians continue to accept a defeated life at work and at home.


I was like that back then, and I never look back after I chose the victorious career life with God.


I also realized that God's promises are for every believer, and Faithful Salt was established to help more Christians to experience God's power in their day-to-day working life.


The fact that you are reading this tells me that you need some career help which may not have been well met at work and in the church.


If what you need is someone experienced enough to help you steer your own growth in your corporate career while training you to live more and more according to the Word of God in your daily working life, you have come to the right place.


I specialize in hitting that sweet spot between corporate career coaching and discipleship training.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Cristal

Welcome to my office.

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege to serve God's people in various ministries in Malaysia and South Korea - leading the Bible study, discipleship training, praise & worship, and prayer.


At the same time, I have been working with VPs and CEOs of multi-billion-dollar companies, managing their business risks and strategizing plans to exceed their business targets.

Here's how we are going to do this together.

This is the overview of my signature career transformation system, Up the Godporate Ladder.

Godporate is an adjective I coined to describe a corporate career that honors God.


It came from the words God and corporate, pronounced as gaad·pr·uht.

The very first idea of this system was conceptualized in 2013, where I started testing it in my own corporate career and have since experienced God's mighty power again and again.


Over the years, I added new aspects into the mix to test, removed the parts that didn't really work for others to replicate my success, tweaked and refined every component whenever I got to test it with another young professional.


What you are seeing now is a proven system that has helped young executives and engineers from the Fortune 500 companies to grow ahead of their peers in their careers, not by working harder, but by choosing to honor God in their everyday working lives.


In simple words, Up the Godporate Ladder is designed to help you to fully live as a Christian at work to honor and glorify God, and experience God's immeasurable favors and promises in your career and life as a natural result.

It drives all the contents and materials I developed here at Faithful Salt.


Now before I can help you with your work struggles

I think we need this heart-to-heart talk for a moment..


How is your personal walk with God in the past 3 months?


I am not talking about those times when you do Bible study with your friends once a week.


I am talking about your personal quiet time with God, especially on your working days.

I understand that you are always busy and tired, juggling with your hectic life day in and day out.


And as your working life started to become busier and more demanding, you have even slowly lost your personal life.


When you finally have some space to breathe, all you want to do is to enjoy your long-lost me-time, maybe chill out for a drink or binge on Netflix while you can.


Slowly, the thought of spending time with God only feels more difficult, and it makes you feel guilty sometimes like you are not a good Christian.


You tried.


You found a church to go, you downloaded some Bible and devotional apps to your phone, sometimes you read the Daily Bread, but it just feels kind of dry.


You're looking for something deeper with God, which you believe is very hard because you don't have the time, or sometimes we're just honestly lazy.


Then once in a while you met some friends or colleagues sharing about things they did which you know are not right.


You felt like God was telling you to speak truth into their lives. But you just didn't know what to say to them and how to say it.


You want to be a blessing to the people in your life, but you feel like a handicapped Christian sometimes. Like you haven't read enough of the Bible to say the right thing when you want to, or you wonder if God would answer your prayer because you haven't been really praying for a long time.

I totally understand that feeling. That was me before I started bringing God back into my working life.

But from now on

You don't have to feel Guilty about not having quiet time with God any more

Because in minutes, we are going to work on building your strong Foundation as we kick-start your Godporate journey.

  • Learn how to turn the little moments in your normal busy day into worship

  • Know what to pray and say to God each time, wherever you are

  • Have the right Scriptures and materials ready in one click for devotional

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