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Old Paper Transparent

designed to help you be a happier wife


You deserve your timeout from taking care of everyone & everything - to take care of YOU.

Self-love Experiences


Your peers' average Self-Love level before their first experience here:


Hi, I am Stephanie Cristal

And I am pleased to have you here!

By introduction, I am a wife to a super patient husband who persevered through his earlier married years with a hangry wife.


I have been through unhealthy relationships and struggled to break away from the toxic pattern of an 'angry wife' - where little things upset me easily.


In all authenticity, I wasn't actually angry; I just become quieter when I am not in the mood. And if my husband has some built-in Key Risk Indicator (KRI) tracker, this is when his alarm will go off alerting him that his bubbly wife 'is angry'.


Over time, while I helped him understand me better through more open communication, I also learned a great life skill from him - always choose happiness: If it's a small matter, make it a nothing matter, and don't let it influence our emotions as if it's a serious matter.


Though, I learned that this is common in many marriages. Many wives could relate so well to being called an angry wife. Many husbands also responded to this 'angry wife' topic saying they have one at home, too, and their reflex is always to 'run away' from this scary space - please don't. Be courageous to stay and give your wife a loving, long hug. It can be affirming and calming. Even if she doesn't seem to respond to your affection, she really appreciates it.

So, having walked my deep healing journeys through Jesus Christ and now still continuing my life-long learning, my passion to help more women to safeguard their precious marriage boils in my blood every time I encounter a hurt and unhappy wife.

For over 10 years, I have helped nurture healthier relationships, I have helped save breaking marriages from divorce, and I have encouraged many talented women to pursue their dreams without neglecting their roles at home.

I am also a trained skincare adviser for the global brand, V Magic® - Non-Surgical Bio-Tech, in Australia, currently based in Brisbane. The brand has expanded its footprint from Taiwan to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and now to Australia.

Unlike many skincare product brands in the market which use result-showing but intrusive ingredients like AHA & Retinol, V Magic focuses on restoring the natural skin structure & cycle to revive healthy skin from within, with skincare routine recommendations tailored to your very own skin profile.


At, I study to design and host meaningful self-love experiences for wives who are willing and ready to take care of themselves and nurture their happiest marriage.


It's like a spa for your heart, helping you take great care of yourself so you can return to your man ready to connect deeply again.

When we meet, we will be experiencing one of these self-care & confidence sessions, new hobbies & skills discoveries, trusted accountability to help you break out of your sticky issues, little kitchen experiments, small group gatherings, and many more!

With every self-love experience, expect to grow a little more in understanding and living out the Word of God.


I welcome you to join me and the other wives in our life-long journey of becoming the faithful woman of God, as we learn together and encourage one another.

Old Paper Transparent

How are you feeling today?

Feeling empty? Lost? Stuck? Upset? Angry? Disappointed? Tired?

Even if you have got here randomly, I would like you to leave feeling better.

I have done a lot of work to put together resources to empower you which have helped myself, my circle of friends, and my clients to experience an improved change in their minds and their hearts as they continue to apply what they learned.

Or maybe you are feeling good and are up for anything, these same resources could bring you from good to great.

What could be the worst thing that could happen if you just click away from this website and go on with your hectic life?

Nothing. Nothing would happen. The change you have been thinking about making for months or years would remain still just a thought and a missed opportunity to change your life and your marriage.

6 months down the road, during your next wedding anniversary, would you want to still feel stuck the same way you feel today, or would you desire to be at least a little more joyful and confident deep down, a little more in love with your husband like in the early days, and a little more mature spiritually as a woman of God?

If you catch yourself having a hint of desire for a change, then grab it, catch it. Don't let that desire be discouraged by the thought and fear of commitment that you wouldn't be able to sustain it every day, every week, every month, etc.

All you need is the courage to take one step at a time and I am here together with the Salt Circle to walk this journey of transformation with you, learning from one another, encouraging each other.

When you are ready, I invite you to take this quiz to discover your current state of Self Love level, and then I will analyze your conditions and walk you through my recommended focus areas which you can consider to better take care of you.

I have a collection of complimentary Self Love Experiences waiting to serve your needs, as well as premium Self Love Experiences for when you are keen to invest more commitment into improving your inner wellbeing.

Follow your heart to try out each of the recommendations as you see fit. Be open to try even any cliché-sounding recommendations, you might be surprised with some unexpected gain at the end of it.


Yes, I am ready for my first

Self-love Experiences


I want to be a happier wife as I grow in the LORD

Your peers' average Self-Love level before their first experience here:



Ask a God-fearing wife.

You don't have to figure it out alone.


What people are saying

Testimonial for Stephanie Cristal of "I first encountered Stephanie as a scribe in our board meeting. When she started probing insightful discussions from the management team, I started calling her into more meetings as a strategic thinker. In my years of working with her, Stephanie grasps the overview of things and can connect the dots to form the big-picture story. She articulates these stories well to people, and is also able to convert thoughts into actionable tasks and plan effectively. You can learn a lot from her experience and her ways of excelling in her corporate work performance." - Ir. Pau KH, Director, Engineering & Construction Services of Dialog Asia, former CEO of PETRONAS LNG Complex.

Amazing woman with creative, inspiring and motivational thoughts. Great to know her.


~ Katherina L., Malaysia.


Blessed birthday to our

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Jenna Loh. ST Ong. Syaiffira Nadya. Stroyan Diog. Cassandra Fong. Suemeetha Michelynn. Jonathan Emmanuel Edmund. Margaret Kunchit. Eula Bisconde. Rafaella Siang. Stephanie Cristal D. (Founder)

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